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We provide RELIEF to people affected by conflict or natural disasters.  We contribute to a new perspective of HOPE in which people work together for a promising future in dignity and mutual trust. Together with the affected communities we work on the RECOVERY of their livelihoods.


ZOA is an international relief and recovery organization supporting vulnerable people affected by violent conflicts and natural disasters in fragile states, by helping them to realize dignified and resilient lives.

ZOA operates in more than 15 countries, in difficult locations where our field staff directly provides assistance to the most vulnerable victims of displacement. The countries in which ZOA is present are Afghanistan, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Liberia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Uganda and Yemen.

ZOA is active in insecure and volatile regions: serving Syrian refugees in the Middle East, uprooted people in war-torn South Sudan, displaced Yezidis in Northern Iraq and South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia, to name a few.

ZOA works in fifteen countries on three continents in Relief and Rehabilitation. Our Disaster Response programmes aim to address short term needs. In our Rehabilitation programmes, we aim for inclusive programming and we endeavour to encourage structural and sustainable change.


OA works in fragile states, supporting people who are affected by violent conflict and natural disasters, with a focus on livelihoods and food security, WASH, basic education, peacebuilding and shelter. In essence, ZOA works to ensure positive change at community level by supporting women, men, girls and boys to realise dignified and resilient lives.