The role of Leaders in development and social transformation

Training objectives

At the end of the training, the following objectives are planned to be achieved

• Understanding Leadership and leadership roles in the face of limited resources requiring transformational challenges

• Establishing clear vision,mission, goals, and objectives that are transformational in nature to stimulate change and development in the organization

• Managing resources–material and human efficiently and effectively

• Developing strategic and operational plans for the organization

Who should attend this training:

Leaders, Programme Managers, Project Directors and M&E Managers and directors of NGOs,

development organizations and business entrepreneur who want change in their development

efforts to improve their practices and manage change in the faces limited resources.

Training sessions:

Module 1:

—Overview of leadership

Module 2:

—Leadership change through strategic thinking

Module 3:

—Managing resources

–Human, Materials and Money

Module 4:

-Sustainability concept

Module 5:

-Team Building and supervisory Management

Module 6:

Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Training Location:


Training cost:

Minimum participants per training program is 15 persons at N20,000 per participant. 

Training type:


Training Date(s):

Based on request

Training Duration:

3 days full time preferred

About the Facilitator

The training facilitator has over 25 years of development experience working on USAID Projects, DFID Project and also consulting for the UN Theme Group in Nigeria. The facilitator is also a national gender consultant as well as OVC institutional memory in Nigeria.