Solidarités International, a Non-governmental Organization based in France:

For over 35 years, the humanitarian aid organization SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL has been committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Our mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs: drinking water, food and shelter.After providing emergency aid, our humanitarian teams accompany the most vulnerable families and communities until they recover their livelihoods and self-sufficiency, to enable them to deal with the challenges of an uncertain future with dignity.

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is particularly committed to fighting water-related diseases, the primary cause of death in the world today. Drawing on their expertise, our teams develop and carry out aid programs in the fields of water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as in the essential domains of food security and reconstruction.

In 2014, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL teams, comprising 188 international and 1742 national employees. The association is directed by Jean-Yves Troy.

Founded by Alain Boinet and presided by Edouard Lagourgue, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit organisation under the French 1901 charities law. An annual general meeting is held each year, and the charity has a Board of Governors and a steering committee.

The Mission opened in Nigeria in august 2016

MISSION: SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL is acting in Borno State, north-eastern Nigeria, which is gathering the most affected people by the food crisis that is hitting the north of the country, and is worsened by the exactions of Boko Haram. SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL focuses on the Monguno area‘s local community and displaced people, and in the Maiduguri area, particularly in the Muna Garaje district.Acting on water to fight against malnutrition, Avoiding a cholera epidemic, Reducing food insecurity.


"Beyond fear, I saw famine"

Thomas Gruel is a logistician for SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL’s Emergency team. In 6 years and 14 humanitarian missions in the most complex and difficult contexts, he had never been confronted with such a tragedy.

'a first operational water tank'

At the beginning of August 2016, SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL opened a new mission in Borno State, Nigeria. The aim was to respond to the needs of thousands of displaced people. T

Nigeria: The place to be for an aid worker

A food crisis and challenging security lead to an expanding mission, with special HR benefits. SI has been operating in Borno State since July 2016, and is strongly focusing on the massive life-threatening needs of the conflict-affected populations.