Contractor to Deliver USG Contracts Training at Heartland Alliance Closing date: 25 Aug 2018

Experience: 3-4 years

PROGRAM NAME: Heartland Alliance International-Nigeria USG Contracts Training

PERFORMANCE DATE: 3 days in any of the following months: September, October, or November 2018

RFQ/RFP DEADLINE: July 31, 2018


Heartland Alliance International is seeking a consultant to conduct training on US Government Contracts for our staff in Abuja, Nigeria for 3 days. The training should cover procurement, financial, human resources, project management, and other elements of contract management including key clauses in the FAR, AIDAR, and other relevant regulations to implement USAID and other USG contracts. Training may be conducted as web-based or in country. 2. REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

A. Deliverables

The vendor will complete the deliverables per the following schedule:

  • Development of curriculum for a 3-day training (or as the vendor recommends) to be shared with HAI before training start-date ;

  • Materials that need printing or collated must be sent to HAI 5 days prior to service start-date ;

  • Development of pre and post tests for training ;

  • Prepare a file of resources for USG Contracts (PowerPoint, documents, etc.) ;

  • Conduct USG Contracts training for 30 attendees ;

  • Training report ;

B. Submission Requirements

To be considered for this contract, please submit an application in English to and on or before July 31, 2018. Applications should include the following:

  1. A letter of interest, indicating how your skills and experience meet the qualifications listed above;

The letter should include the following elements:

Daily rate requested *Daily rate will be based on verified past assignments.

Dates of availability *Dates may need to be adjusted

1. A summary of relevant past performance or a résumé or CV (no more than four pages) for individuals; include three references (individuals or organizations).

2. A draft budget, including consultation fees and all other consultancy-related expenses to meet the above-described deliverables, including travel. There is no preferred budget format.

*MWDBE are encouraged to apply.

C. Evaluation Criteria

HAI is seeking two trainers that meet the following criteria:

  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills;

  • Must have ability to travel to Nigera for up to 7 days;

  • Extensive knowledge of FAR, AIDAR and USG Code of Federal Regulations, experience with HIV/AIDS and/or health awards strongly preferred;

  • Experience working with non-profit organizations or NGOs;

  • Experience working in Sub-Saharan Africa or other cross-cultural environments preferred.

Only vendors which meet the requirements as stated above will be considered.

D. Response

All applications should be sent by email to and by July 31, 2018. Any applications received after this date and time may not be accepted and shall be considered non-responsive.

E. Contracting Mechanism

Payment for this consultancy will be issued in U.S. Dollars (USD). In the event that quantity or delivery terms need to be shifted during the time-period between the signature of the contract with the selected vendor and delivery, Heartland Alliance will modify the contractual agreement.

F. Evaluation and Award

Heartland Alliance will review responses received and will select a vendor the second week of August after the submission deadline.


Vendors must provide full, accurate, and complete information as required by this solicitation and its attachments.


Vendors must provide disclosure of any past, present, or future relationships with any parties associated with the issuance, review, or management of this solicitation and anticipated award. Failure to provide full and open disclosure may result in Heartland Alliance having to re-evaluate selection of a potential vendor.


2. Heartland Alliance will not compensate vendors for preparation of their response to this RFP.

3. Issuing this RFP is not a guarantee that Heartland Alliance will award a purchase order/contract. Heartland Alliance has no contractual obligations with any vendor based upon the issuance of this RFP.

4. Heartland Alliance reserves the right to issue a purchase order/contract based on the initial evaluation of offers without discussion.

5. Heartland Alliance may choose to award a purchase order/contract for part of the activities in the RFP.

6. Heartland Alliance may request from short-listed vendors a second or third round of written responses to a more specific and detailed scope of work that is based on a general scope of work in the original RFP.

7. Heartland Alliance has the right to rescind an RFP, or rescind an award prior to the signing of a purchase order/contract due to any unforeseen changes in the direction of Heartland Alliance’s client (the U.S. Government), be it funding or programmatic.

8. Heartland Alliance reserves the right to waive any deviations by vendors from the requirements of this solicitation that Heartland Alliance’s opinion are considered not to be material defects requiring rejection or disqualification; or where such a waiver will promote increased competition.

How to apply:

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