Consultant - Graphic Designer at Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)

Closing Date: 25 October, 2018

Experience: 5 years

Location: Abuja

With financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria is supporting the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) to improve tuberculosis (TB) case detection and treatment adherence in Nigeria through a Human Centered Design (HCD) Approach. The HCD approach fully engages beneficiaries, along with relevant stakeholders and partners, through an immersive, iterative process to design solutions to problems that work.

In September 2018, Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria completed an in-depth Discovery Phase, in which TB patients, public and private health care providers, friends and family of TB patients, as well as community members, were interviewed about factors that prevent and facilitate TB case detection and treatment adherence. Insights from the Discovery Phase will be put to use in the Design and Test phase, where partners and stakeholders will generate, test, and refine ideas about how to increase case detection and treatment adherence.

Consultancy: Visual Support to a Human Centered Design Process to Improve Tuberculosis Case Detection and Treatment Adherence

The project seeks graphic designer consultants who can support the Design and Test Phase by generating visual representations of these ideas for feedback from beneficiaries. The graphic designer consultants will also be expected to contribute their creative skills to the idea generation process.

Scope of the Consultancy

The project will be hosting a workshop in Lagos to generate ideas and design concepts based on insights, followed by field testing in Lagos, before dividing into two teams to repeat the process in Kano and Enugu. A final workshop will be conducted in Abuja, and the refined concepts will be field tested in Abuja and Nasarawa.

Specific tasks:

The graphic designer consultant would:

  • Participate in workshop discussions in Lagos, Abuja, and either Enugu or Kano, applying creative skills to the idea generation activities.

  • Generate rapid sketch illustrations or other forms of visual representation during workshop discussions based on ideas and concepts for TB case detection and treatment adherence. The graphic designer consultant is expected to provide countless illustrations during these discussions, ranging in quality from rough to refined.

  • Participate in field testing with other workshop members to get feedback on visual representations of concepts.

  • Revise visual representations based on feedback in field visits.

Time Frame:

The performance of the consultancy shall be within a period of 16 days. Time frames are as follows:

Date Task Input (or Output)

Oct 31 - Travel to Lagos

Nov 1-2 - Design Workshop (Creative ideas, sketch illustrations)

Nov 3, 5 - Field testing (Illustration revisions)

Nov 6 - Travel to Kano / Enugu

Nov 7-9 - Field testing and iteration (Creative ideas, illustration revisions)

Nov 10 - Travel to Abuja

Nov 12 - Refinement workshop (Further refinement of illustrations)

Nov 13-14 - Field testing in Abuja / Nasarawa (Further refinement of illustrations)

Nov 15 Creating Presentation Materials (Final presentation )

16 days in Total.

Approach to work:

  • The graphic designer consultant will be an active participant in the workshop discussions, applying creative skills to provide meaningful contributions to the idea generation and brainstorming activities.

  • The graphic designer will collaborate with workshop participants to generate visual representations of ideas. Visual representations will include illustrations and may include other forms, such as sculpture or use of other building materials to make representative models.

  • These visual representations will be refined through an iterative and consultative process, with the possibility of new ideas emerging throughout the period of consultancy.


The final deliverables of the consultant Graphic Artist will include:

  • A range of rough and refined visual representation of design ideas and concepts

  • Qualifications and Specialized Knowledge (Lead/Technical Consultant):

  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a professional graphic designer

  • Excellent creativity and idea generation skills

  • Ability to collaborate and work well with others to illustrate their ideas and visions

  • Estimated work days to complete task:

  • 11 working days, 3 days of travel (may vary depending on where the consultant resides), 2 non-working days (Sundays).

Period of consultancy:

The task is to commence on October 31, 2018 and complete on November 15.


The Consultant will be paid competitive fees for period of consultancy based on the current rate for consultants depending on qualification and experience


The Consultant shall report to the SBC & Innovations Advisor, Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria project

Method of Application

Proposals should be submitted through email to by October 25, 2018 and include the following:

  • A link to an online portfolio or soft copies of examples of previous work

  • A CV that includes professional history and education

  • A minimum of 3 professional references

  • A financial proposal, including a breakdown of cost per day for working days, travel days, and non-working days away from city of residence.

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