Consultant for Landscape Analysis of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMV) at Chemonics Inc

Closing Date: Not Specified

Experience: 10 years

Location: Abuja

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This scope of work (SOW) sets forth the services to be provided by Consultant to SAII Associates Ltd/Gte, an associate company ofics International Inc.

The objective of this billable short-term assignment is to serve as the Consultant for Landscape Analysis of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors in the three priority states (Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto) for the USAID Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC) - Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) project.

The Consultant will conduct Landscape Analysis of the PPMVs in Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto States to identify a strategy to work with PPMVs in other to increase access to quality MNCH commodities.

Background The Global Health Supply Chain Program -Procurement and Supply Management project (GHSC-PSM) works to support the USAID’s Office of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition of increasing access to quality, life-saving MNCH commodities thereby saving lives and improving the health of women, children, and newborns. In Nigeria, GHSC-PSM has been asked to focus its efforts, in collaboration with other USAID implementing partners in Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto States.

In 2017, GHSC-PSM conducted an assessment in the three focus States to understand how MNCH commodities were being managed, including the existing supply chain landscape and challenges. Subsequently, the Project adopted a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach in collaboration with State level stakeholders to co-create interventions to improve the availability of and access to quality MNCH life-saving commodities. Findings from the assessment and the HCD work demonstrated the important role the private sector plays in access to MNCH commodities, particularly the PPMVs which are in may cases the first resort for medicines when health facilities are stocked-out.

The assessment recommended a number of solutions including establishing connections between the PPMVs and other stakeholders within the broader health ecosystem to effectively harness identified opportunities to optimize availability and access to quality-assured MNCH commodities across the 3 States. In the same vein, in a recent private sector supply chain landscape analysis conducted by USAID GHSC-PSM through Quintiles IMS in Nigeria, it was discovered that, a significant proportion of respondents (25 percent of those commenting on public-private sector synergies) suggested that the retail sector could strengthen healthcare delivery, either by referring patients to public sector facilities, or taking on some of the burden from the public sector by dispensing to patients in the private sector. Also, manufacturers indicated that the price of goods supplied to the public sector was always higher than that supplied to the private sector due to the risk of non-payment.

Given this critical role of the private sector, specifically PPMVs as known resource for MNCH commodities, the USAID GHSC-PSM project, therefore, seeks to conduct a landscape analysis of the PPMVs in the priority States to identify the opportunities and the most feasible option to collaborate with the PPMVs while working to develop a sustainable supply system, to ensure that the quality of the products they sell is optimal.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions)

USAID GHSC-PSM Project is interested in learning more about the potential considerations, challenges, and opportunities for implementing a digital intervention related to improving availability and access of quality MNCH commodities in primary health facilities and within the community.

The project would also investigate possibility of facilitating impactful linkages within existing structures to address supply gaps.

Specifically, the proposed consultancy would be expected to use a standardized analytic framework to assess the States’ readiness and appetite for such interventions and to clearly identify and define readiness indicators including but not limited to:

Document the existing digital interventions that have been used in other settings in Nigeria

Document the existing supply chains supporting PPMVs including commodity sourcing mechanisms, commodity sourcing barriers, and commodities held; range of products that PPMV shops stock for priority health services, including malaria treatments, MNCH and family planning

Assess the technographic landscape for the PPMVs highlighting the level of mobile or digital penetration, level of digital literacy, education levels, and capacities

Document the size, coverage and density of the PPMV sector. Assess the demographic landscape highlighting the classification of PPMVs, operations & roles of PPMVs, gender ratios, requirements and implications, and the impact of rural-urban split

Document the stakeholder mapping identifying existing relationships within the ecosystem highlighting relationship drivers and a SWOT analysis of existing relationships

Determine the policy / regulatory environment, political commitment, budget and policies, available capacity and management systems

Deliverables The following deliverables and schedule are due of the Consultant:

Deliverable, Deliverable Name and Due Date: Deliverable No. 1: Updated Activity Work Plan (7 days after contract signing):

Deliverable 1 is a Microsoft Word narrative and accompanying Excel Gantt chart that provides an updated and detailed description and chronology of activities required to complete the scope of work.

The narrative should be 5 pages maximum with an accompanying GANTT chart.

The updated activity plan should reflect the preparation work conducted under Task 1 outline above.

Deliverable No. 2: Interim Activity Report (4 weeks after contract signing):

At the mid-point (50% of work completed) of the activity as defined in the Activity Work Plan, the Consultant shall prepare a progress report outlining the findings to date, including insights from the research and kick-off meetings, focus areas of the work.

The report must be in Word format and include any relevant graphics, illustrations and/or diagrams.

The report should be presented using the GHSC-PSM template and should be professionally copy edited.

Deliverable No. 3: Findings, Key Results and Recommendations Slide Deck (8 weeks after contract signing):

Deliverable 3 is a separate Microsoft Power-point slide deck for each of the 3 states, Kebbi, Bauchi, and Sokoto, that presents findings, outlines key results on strategies for implementing such digital PPMV interventions in the State, a clear description of the recommendations and how it addresses end-user needs.

This deliverable will also outline the core components of the recommended plans.

The slide deck should contain approximately 30-50 slides or as directed by USAID GHSC-PSM during post-award discussions.

Deliverable No. 4: Comprehensive Narrative Report, Slide Deck and appropriate Case study (8 weeks after contract signing):

Deliverable 4 comprises a Comprehensive Narrative Microsoft word report, summary Power-point slide deck and case study Word document outlining the activity process utilized in generating findings, key results, and recommendations.

These items will be shared with project stakeholders.

The Comprehensive Narrative Report should comprise an executive summary, a background / introductory section, methodology / process section describing activities carried out, a section on findings / outcomes, recommendations, challenges and conclusion.

The slide deck should be approximately 20-25 slides in length, and the case study document should be approximately 5-10 pages in length.

Final payment for any of the above deliverables will be contingent upon formal acceptance and the submission of all work product accomplished under the planned contract.

Note: The Consultant shall deliver to USAID GHSC-PSM the following deliverables, in accordance with the schedule set forth in the deliverables listed above.

Supervision of Consultant:

Consultant for Landscape Analysis of Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMV) in the three Priority States (Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto) will report to the Director, Health Systems Strengthening.

Job Qualifications

Individual Consultant or Consulting Firm with experts who have relevant knowledge and experience in: Supply Chain Management, Program Design, Content and Community Management, Technical Content Development and Testing and Market dynamics

Graduate degree or its equivalent in fields of specialization

At least 10 years of experience in similar assignments

Strong communication skills both verbal and written English with the ability to clearly and concisely express ideas and concepts convincingly in written and oral form

Possess an outstanding interpersonal skill and the ability to interact with individuals at all level

Ability to work sensitively in multicultural environments and build effective working relationships with clients and colleagues.

Method of Application

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