A2L Social Development Adviser at DFID - Department for International Development

Closing Date: 29 October, 2018

Experience: 3 years

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’S fight against global poverty, delivering aid to those in need all over the world.

The Department for International Development (DFID) in Nigeria is responsible for managing the British Government's contribution to development in Nigeria, with the objective of supporting government and development partners at federal and state levels to reduce poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, experienced and committed Nigerian professional to become a Social Development Adviser for DFID Nigeria, supporting the work of the wider British Mission in Nigeria.

  • She/he will provide social development advice across the DFID Nigeria portfolio, influencing the design and implementation of programmes to have positive impacts for vulnerable and marginalised groups. She/he will work to ensure that all the UK's work in Nigeria is informed by a robust analysis of the drivers of poverty and exclusion, and of policies, processes and programmes to drive social change.

  • The successful candidate will become part of the Governance and Social Development team, working closely with its members as well as other relevant colleagues across DFID and the wider mission. She/he will report directly to the A1 Senior Social Development Adviser, who will provide support and mentorship to ensure a positive transition into DFID, the mission and the Social Development cadre. The post holder will play a key role in building strong relationships and influencing key actors on a range of programmes and policy issues.

Purpose Of The Job The precise division of labour within the team will depend on the background and experience of the successful candidate. Anticipated responsibilities:

  • Provide robust and strategic social development analysis and advice to inform British Government policies and programmes in Nigeria, with a particular focus on gender and disability inclusion, social norms and citizen empowerment and accountability;

  • Implement the DFID Nigeria Social Development Adviser Delivery Strategy (with the Senior Social Development Adviser), providing high quality cross-cutting Social Development advice and analysis for all DFID programmes, on: human development, economic development, governance and security;

  • Refine and drive implementation of the DFID Nigeria and HMG gender and disability strategies working across DFID and the wider UK mission. Deliver high quality analysis of gender and disability issues to inform strategic planning and programme decision making;

  • Ensure social inclusion sensitive programming and delivery of DFID governance, humanitarian, economic growth and human development policies and programmes.

  • Advise on monitoring and evaluation of social inclusion across a range of DFID programmes;

  • Develop and manage social development programmes, providing strategic oversight to ensure effective delivery;

  • Effectively influence the approach of Nigerian Government officials, development partners and civil society to address development issues, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable people in Nigeria.

  • Support the wider DFID Social Development cadre through technical input to advisers in other offices (for example undertaking peer reviews, or developing technical guidance), participating in professional conferences and supporting professional learning across DFID.

  • This is a fast-paced and dynamic working environment, and the post holder will be required to be flexible and responsive to changing priorities.

  • Travel within Nigeria will be an integral part of the post.

Reporting line:

  • The job holder will report to the Senior Social Development Adviser in the Governance and Social Development Team in the DFID Nigeria office in Abuja.

Educational Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum of a Masters level degree or equivalent level of academic and professional experience in a subject area clearly related to Social Policy and Development (including in social anthropology, sociology, political science, human geography, social/development policy and planning).

  • Minimum three years’ experience working within social development related disciplines. This should include: social research; development of robust analysis; provision of social development advice to development programmes or policy making institutions; experience of designing and managing social development programmes; and experience in overseeing budgets and results delivery.

Required Competencies:

  • Applicants are required to demonstrate their experience and capabilities across 12 core civil service competencies, and social development technical competencies throughout the recruitment process for this position. Some will be tested in the written application, and others during the assessment centre.

Core competencies: Evidence of meeting the following UK civil service competencies must be provided in the applications.

  • Seeing the Big Picture

  • Making Effective Decisions

  • Communicating and Influencing

  • Managing a Quality Service

Details of the above UK competencies are available at https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/717275/CS_Behaviours_2018.pdf

Please note that candidates will be assessed at Level 3.

Technical Competencies:

  • Candidates will also be expected to show evidence of meeting technical competencies (shared competencies required of all DFID advisers, primary competencies required of all Social Development Advisers, and specialist technical competencies).

  • Assessment of these will form the basis for accreditation into DFID’s Social Development cadre, which is an essential requirement of the job and will be tested at application and assessment centre stages.

  • Details of the technical competencies can be found at as per attached Annex.

  • Please read this carefully and note the requirements at A2L level.

  • Applicants should demonstrate experience and expertise across the following essential technical competencies, and provide clear evidence in their social development self-assessment:

Shared Technical Competencies:

  • The full range of shared competencies expected of DFID advisers are: Understanding of international development • Use of evidence • Programme design and management, including monitoring and evaluation, and value for money • Developing and implementing policy • Applying key economic and commercial concepts

Applicants for this position will be tested against the following shared competencies:

  • Programme design and management, including monitoring and evaluation

  • Developing and implementing policy

  • Understanding of international development

Primary social development technical competencies: All DFID Social Development Advisers must demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Social and political analysis Understanding of and ability to analyse the social and political structures, dynamics and power relations that enable/exclude different social groups to/from taking advantage of opportunities and drive or constrain poverty reduction.

  • Poverty, gender, vulnerability and inequality analysis and monitoring Knowledge of different theoretical approaches to understanding gender inequality, and wider poverty/deprivation and its causes; skills in poverty, vulnerability and inequality/exclusion analysis, assessment and monitoring, including qualitative and participatory assessments and understanding ‘leave no-one behind’.

  • Processes, programmes and institutions that enable or constrain development Understanding of, and ability to influence, the structures, policies, programmes and processes at local, national and global levels that are important to support social change and to tackle poverty, inequality (including gender inequality), vulnerability and exclusion.

Specialist social development technical competencies:

  • Applicants should demonstrate experience and expertise in at least two of the following technical competencies, and provide clear evidence in their social development self-assessment. Given the position’s focus on gender and disability inclusion, social norms and citizen empowerment and accountability, applicants should demonstrate experience of these core programme areas where possible.

  • Inclusive growth and economic development: Understanding and application of inclusive growth and private sector development approaches that lead to economic empowerment, enhanced livelihood opportunities, and an improved asset base for the poorest, vulnerable groups and for women and girls.

  • Empowerment and accountability: Understanding and application of key concepts and analysis that lead to the empowerment of poor people, including women, girls and marginalised groups, and increased accountability between state/s, non-state actors and citizens, including the poorest and most marginalised.

  • Social protection: Knowledge of key concepts, frameworks and what works, to lead the design, management and monitoring of evidence-based social protection policy, programmes and sustainable systems including cash transfers, which benefit the poorest and most vulnerable, and where relevant in fragile, conflict and humanitarian contexts.

  • Human development and service delivery: Knowledge of key concepts, frameworks and what works, to lead the design, management and monitoring of evidence-based action for human development and wider services delivery to including multi-sectoral strategies and addressing transformative social change particularly for women and girls, and where relevant in conflict and humanitarian contexts to ensure no-one is left behind.


  • DFID offers a competitive salary and benefit package. Indicative offers are inclusive of local taxes. Salaries are reviewed annually in accordance with local Pay Determination Guidelines. The current starting salary for this position (graded A2L) full time per annum is NGN12,695,565.

  • The appointment will be under local terms and conditions and is subject to medical and security clearances.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should complete the "Application Form" and "Social Development Adviser Self-assessment Form" below, and send it to: AfricaHRHubRecruit@DFID.GOV.UK and DFIDNIGERIARECRUITIN@DFID.gov.uk with a copy of their most recent CV. Please quote the following reference number when applying “NIG/0318”. Failure to do so may result in your application not being viewed.

Click Here to Download Form (Ms Word) - Social Development Adviser/Application Form

Click Here for More Information (PDF) Note

  • Candidates who are not able to download this form can request same from AfricaHRHubRecruit@DFID.GOV.UK

  • Closing date of applications is midnight on the date stated above. Applications shown as being received after this time will not be accepted.

  • Assessment centres will be scheduled to take place within a few weeks of the closing date. These will include an interview and presentation exercise. Other assessment processes may also be included; successful applicants will be advised on these in their assessment centre invitation letter.

  • DFID is an equal opportunities employer and will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race and/or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio economic background, mobility, family, marital and/or partnership status and religion.

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