A Trainee worth showcasing - Amina Umar

At INGOsphere9ja, one of our objectives is to reach out to unemployed youths, Youth Corp members and young Nigerians in need of career guidance, coaching and mentoring with the view to be better positioned for job placements in the AID sector.

As is our practice, we celebrate those trainees in our training center who have stood out among their peers in their desire to build a career path for themselves

One of such is Amina Umar, a soft spoken young Nigerian graduate of Microbiology who has recently completed her training and proudly shows off her certificate.

Her zeal, concentration and commitment is exceptional.

As is our practice, having completed her training, she has been assigned a mentor for one of the knowledge areas in the AID sector. Our mentors are existing staff members in the AID sector.

Amina is available for employment as an intern or a volunteer and we would gladly recommend her for gainful employment.

Kindly contact us (info@ingosphere9ja.com) if you are interested in offering her a job placement in your organization.

We look forward to having Amina Umar join other trainees from our center who have already gained employment in the AID sector.

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