The Tale of the New Hire (Employee)

Just like any other new opportunity, my excitement grew as my job resumption date drew near.

I love my new job. My position gives me a good opportunity to make an impact...yes, a good impact, one I always aim for with any new employment opportunity.

As is my practice, on a particular day before the D-day, I took out my small sized note pad to map out my strategy; for my colleagues, team members and my boss. I need to tell you that my boss has a huge role to play on my overall performance. I have to learn to understand her, especially her work style. The need to plan is because I have had to work with bosses that I could not see as mentors but tormentors. They lacked self esteem, were not quite 'there' yet before they got the promotion to that high position and could not hold forte professionally.The needed experience and intelligence were lacking including emotional intelligence.

I said to myself, this job has to be different. The work culture can't be as bad either.

Also, I think I have what it takes to make it work because I have learnt from past experiences and can now work with any type of boss and team. I am proud of my experience, intelligence, love for coaching and mentoring of my team, and I think I enjoy making my team happy too. So much for nice words about me, but, please be serious Naomi! Really? You are that ready and good for all situations?...We'll see, I said to myself.

So, I thought more about my first day seeing wonderful experiences for me and my new team in my mind's eyes.

Surprisingly, the new job syndrome had gotten to me. It is not that this is my first job, but my first in a new business terrain though.

Finally! the D-day arrived and I was elated.

I got to the office putting on my best 'killer' smile and accent.

But, these began to die off slowly and almost immediately as no one seemed to notice me or my smile.

No one was ready for me.

My Supervisor and close colleagues who would have welcomed me were not available and had no messages for me.

My team did not know what to do with me either.

I was simply bundled into a work space with no itinerary and my work tools not fully ready neither was there any orientation process in sight in such a standard organization.

But that's okay, this is not really unusual but just a coincidence. I consoled myself so I don't get discouraged too early because I did not think it could get worse anyways.

Okay, this is just the first day. I think things will get straightened out soon besides " you should not expect the best all the time". I will just keep myself busy with what I know to do best in a work environment... and so I did with high hopes for improvement.

Alright, it's thirty days now.... still no welcome meeting or set objectives and goals for my first few months from my boss, no room for one-on-one meetings with my ever busy boss and no proper orientation yet!

What has happened and how much of my expectations were dashed.

My team

Lovely individuals with the zeal for work. What is it that they are not doing right then? How is it that I am not finding fulfillment in their performance?

The reason is obvious. I have a team of inexperience individuals saddled with assignments meant for experienced persons thrice their current number; none of them has raised any concern.

My tasks

I am asked to lead an inexperienced team but not take initiative or make any changes to the status quo until I am told to do so. Instances where I knew to take initiative on matters I ordinarily know to handle very well, I am challenged by my 'superiors' to stay clear and simply watch others take decision on matters concerning my department; they get celebrated for (not) getting it right and creating more problems for me to solve after their failed attempt.


Now my smile has totally disappeared. I am gradually developing what is alien to me, a laid back attitude.. how did I get to this point within a space of two months

Inexperience resulting in wrong decisions and poor work attitudes/output being celebrated daily.

Work ethics and values are lauded sweetly in the open but never practiced. Where values are needed to be enforced, it is for a select few who are generally not in the good books of 'the who is who' in the organization.

Em.... what was I employed to do again?

My dilemma!

Okay may be not...... because I left the organization six months ago for a more organized one after barely two months.

You can only make an impact when and where you are empowered to.

Naomi Baker, is a guest writer on our blog, her views and opinions are personal to her and not to INGOsphere9ja

Picture is used for illustrative purpose and culled from the internet

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