My experience: INGOsphere9ja Training Sessions

Marlyn in class during a training session at INGOsphere9ja training center.

At INGOsphere9ja, we love to showcase trainees who exhibit outstanding traits in the course of being trained.

Marlyun Uzondu is one of such who, taking a cue from other outstanding trainees, chose to fast track her training sessions in order to complete her training today after a long delay. She attended the training on roles and responsibilities of INGO Operations Support units; a compulsory training for INGOsphere9ja

She shares her experience below;

“I enrolled in this training because I have always wanted to work in an NGO. I started this training after I left the orientation camp in September 2017.

I should have finished this training earlier but was almost discouraged due to the inability of my training group members to regularly fix our training dates with the training facilitator.

Knowing the value I was getting from the training sessions, I had to continue alone and have finally completed the sessions today leaving my other group members behind.

Marlyn jotting down her experience at INGOsphere9ja training center.

My experience at INGOsphere9ja training center has been a very good and fulfilling one. This training has taught me how to function in the INGO sector and even beyond it.

With this training, I now know what is expected of me even when I find myself in a new environment or organization. I also learnt how to relate with colleagues in other departments in the INGO sector and how to handle challenges in a diplomatic way.

One salient factor I enjoyed in this training is the fact that the facilitator involved practical examples that one can easily relate with when working in the sector as well as steps one could follow to be at one’s best in any given position.

I feel very opportuned to have attended this training and I am ready to work in the sector”.

Marlyn showing off her certificate

Marlyn, an Imo State indigene, is a History & International Relations graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University. She is currently a Youth Corp Member serving in Abuja and will be through with her service in June this year; 2018.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in hiring her after her service year.

Watch out for our next outstanding trainee!

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