Underperformance can be viewed as an unacceptable work output that triggers demands for termination of the affected staff member‘s employment contract.

It can be considered as a situation where the work output of a staff does not meet the required expectations for the position.

Although there are many training sessions and certificated course employees in management level have attended and attained, more often than not, some organizations yet fail to consider the causes of underperformance as their first option before thinking of relieving the affected staff of his/her job.

Applying the termination clause due to under-performance takes pre-eminence instead of discussing the issue with the intention of proffering solutions or steps that can positively impact on the staff performance.

Such an affected staff member is often left hanging on the balance desperately struggling to keep his/her job with the little support that can be found from anywhere within the office place.

Is underperformance a one-sided challenge or dual? Can the supervisor or management be at fault as well?

In this series, I will be writing about underperformance in the workplace with reference to those who can be vulnerable to this and the causes, addressing each point step by step.

Watch out!

The pictures above are graphic representations of work place underperformance culled from the internet.

*The opinion of the writer of the articles in this series does not necessarily represent the opinion of INGOsphere9ja regarding the topic of discourse

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