The NOUN student with a commendable determination

INGOsphere9ja, provides mentorship and training to young Nigerians with the view to encourage them to take positive steps towards developing career paths at costs ranging from free to very minimal fees.

We particularly support students, the unemployed and Youth Corp members as well as new hires in the International NGO sector.

In line with our vision, we recently provided our service to a young Nigerian who has shown a commendable determination worth celebrating.

It is often said that when life hands you lemons, you use them to make lemonades.

Emmanuel Innocent is a 300 level student at the National Open University who has done just that.

He may not have had the opportunity of an early university education like some young Nigerians, but he has not given up on getting the right education and trainings that will help him achieve his career goals.

Where some Nigerians will give up, Emmanuel supports his education with earnings made from corporate jobs in reputable businesses where he serves.

While schooling and working same time, he has made out time to further get guidance and mentorship provided at INGOsphere9ja.

At INGOsphere9ja, we provide hands on trainings that can empower a new hire to immediately take on tasks with ability to deliver on them with ease.

Today, Emmanuel collected his certificate having completed the operations support units' roles and responsibilities training with the view to prepare himself for his dream job in an international NGO


What we find further interesting about Emmanuel, is the dedication with which he focused on attaining this certificate in spite of his other commitments.

He is interested in working in Logistics or Admin Units, and is still enrolling for further trainings to aptly prepare him for jobs in these units.

Picture above shows Emmanuel Innocent showing off his certificate.

If interested in giving Emmanuel a position in your organization, kindly contact us at info@ingosphere9ja

Watch for our next blog as we celebrate students who stand out at INGOsphere9ja training center!

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