Seefar was founded in April 2014 as a social enterprise by people who had reflected on how we could combine the best parts of a private sector focus on results with a social purpose dedicated to vulnerable people. We apply commercial strategies to social progress and we are not a profit-driven organization. We do not pay dividends to shareholders. We started with two full-time personnel, who are happy to have a team that is now more than 50 times larger to make this happen.

Our vision is for a world in which vulnerable people have more opportunities to advance themselves. The purpose of our social enterprise is to work with those people to build a better future.

We focus on problems and time frames that are difficult but tractable; tractable because we can see possibilities to transform them; and transformational in measurably improving people’s lives. We map our path with thematic and geographic mission statements. We walk these paths by nimbly combining rigorous learning and flexible sourcing of external funds.


We measure our performance by our impact on beneficiary communities and the way in which our services change the lives of individual women, men and children.

You can read more about the qualities of our work here. Our supporters include international organizations, national governments and private philanthropists.  Our corporate headquarters is in Hong Kong. We have subsidiaries and operational partnerships in places like Indonesia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Turkey, the UK and Ethiopia.