Procurement Management in the INGO Humanitarian sector


Training objectives

At the end of the training, the following objectives are planned to be achieved:

 The participants will have a thorough knowledge of procurement principles and policies

 The participants will have a strong negation and contract management skills

 The participants will be able to understand the difference between purchasing, procurement a nd acquisition.

 The participants will have an all-round knowledge of procurement in INGO’s

Who should attend this training

INGO procurement staffs, graduates who are seeking a career in humanitarian procurement, service providers who want to improve their efficiency in service delivery e.t.c


The training covers 8 modules of which are listed below

Module 1:— Supplier prequalification and due diligence process

Module 2:— External and internal management of request

Module 3:—Competitive and comparative bidding process (supplier selection)

Module 4:—Bribery and anti-corruption in procurement

Module 5:—Evaluation and analysis in Tender management

Module 6:—Contract management in procurement

Module 7:—Reporting and best practice in procurement

Module 8:—Forms, thresholds and lead times in procurement

Training Location: Abuja

Training type: On-site

Training Date (s): To be determined based on request

Training Duration:1 Month, Weekends (Saturday), Hours; 9am-3pm

Training Fee:N70,000 with a minimum attendance of 10 persons.

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The facilitator is a Logistics and Supply Chain professional with experience both in INGO and FMCG. The facilitator has experience working with at least three INGOs with hands on experience in Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain in general.