The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) is a non-profit policy institute and grant-making organization that promotes the responsible management of oil, gas and mineral resources for the public good. Working in over thirty resource-rich countries, NRGI pursues this goal through research, advocacy, capacity development programs, and technical advice to governments and civil society actors.  The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) helps people to realize the benefits of their countries’ endowments of oil, gas and minerals. We do this through technical advice, advocacy, applied research, policy analysis, and capacity development. We work with innovative agents of change within government ministries, civil society, the media, legislatures, the private sector, and international institutions to promote accountable and effective governance in the extractive industries.  We help individuals and governments to realize the benefits of their countries’ natural resources. Financial transparency is fundamental to our work in establishing trust and confidence in our work and mission.


In Nigeria our work is focused on enhancing and institutionalizing transparency and better informed public debate on oil sector reform; improved governance of licensing processes and promoting better governance of the National Oil Company. Towards this we work with government, civil society organizations, the media and various international development partners.

Country Strategy Note:

This country strategy note summarizes an NRGI analysis of country context and reform priorities. It also outlines NRGI’s engagement in Nigeria, complementing the work of other actors. Developments will naturally affect the assessments and objectives described herein. Updates to this synopsis may be made as events require.