Membership Services Request Form

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Details of available services

Capacity building/strengthening services

  • Drafting Annual Performance Evaluation Objectives

  • Preparing for Annual Performance Appraisal

  • Mock Interview sessions for improved performance

  • CV writing and career guidance

  • Routine Professional Advises on assigned tasks

  • Design of Organizational structure

  • Development of employee job scope of work

  • Interview adverts drafting to address actual need

  • Professional Assistance for employee selection process

  • Professional Support and Guidance to boost work performance

Membership Group/Rates

 A.  One off for one service per hour   - $30

 B.  Monthly for any two services       - $150

 C.  Quarterly for any four services     - $200

 D.  Biannual for any six services       - $300

 E.  Annual  for any eight services      - $500

 F.  Annual for all services                 - $1000

External Hub service

Study and Out-of-Office work space  - $10 per hour

 Other Rates

  • Hourly service                - $20 per hour

  • Monthly   service            - $200 for 30 hours