ActionAid,, is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

We focus on the people that others forget. People in poverty. People who face discrimination. People whose voices are ignored.

We help people fight for the rights that they are denied. Simple things, like the right to eat, the right to stay on their land and to an education as well as to have a say in the decisions that shape their lives. We’re not about giving handouts or telling people what to do, because in the long run we know that doesn’t work. Instead, we use our resources, influence and experience to help people find their own solutions.

We listen to what people really want and need. We help communities take action together to hold their governments to account, and we give local organisations our support where they need it. Together, we’re making a lasting difference.



Some Achievements:

Our works are defined in Six Thematic Areas of (i) Right to Health; (ii) Right to Education; (iii) Right to Human Security in Conflict and Emergencies (iv) Women’s Rights (v) Right to Just and Democratic  Governance and (vi) Right to Food.

Linking all these is our geographically based integrated Partnerships Against Poverty (PAP) which is being implemented in twelve states of the federation.


  • We are building on the experiences and lessons learnt from the initial work, and where appropriate creating linkages with existing thematic areas.

  • Promoting the right to just and democratic governance and Women's Rights are cross-cutting themes which apply across the whole programme, but also have stand alone initiatives.


All these thematic activities are delivered through partners funded initiatives like the projects stated above and/or our Partnerships Against Poverty (PAP), that are resourced through AA child sponsorship programme.  The PAP structure ensures synergy and coordination between community level programming and national level partnership-funded projects. It is a systematic partnership between our community level NGOs/CBOs, programme communities and government in ensuring the protection and guarantee of the rights of people through community empowerment and delivery of basic social services. The coordination and administrative processes of PAP allows for effective engagement of the thematic leads in the community-based programmes and facilitates linkages from local to national and international policy work. PAP has increased citizens’ participation in local governance which is gradually leading to improved service delivery.


Child Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship program of ActionAid is a fund raising mechanism to support its development work in all its programme areas. Under this mechanism, a supporter from a European ActionAid country is linked to a child in the community and a bond develops between them.

This relationship leads to improvement in the child’s life, his community and in the lives of his/her family. ActionAid Nigeria is currently being supported by over 14, 000 supporters from the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden.

ActionAid Nigeria commenced programmatic operations in January 2000 after a Country appraisal which found poverty in the midst of plenty. We commenced work then through a Country Agreement signed with the National Planning Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our works are currently spread across 26 states of the federation.