Introductory class: International NGO sector

Training description

The success of any organization largely depends on the performance of  the human resources employed.  The interest in INGO jobs tend to have increased greatly over the years.  The tendency to learn on the job is prevalent.  With some insight into the sector, proper guidance on career path and prior hands-on training the performance of the human resources will positive impact on the overall outcome of each project or program.

This training will provide an insight into the International NGO sector that will guide trainees in making informed decisions about the sector,  career paths within the sector and applicable work ethics. 

This training will serve as a guide to persons seeking guidance on how to prepare an acceptable CV and how to prepare for interview sessions.

The main training objectives
At the end of the training, the following objectives are planned to be achieved:
  • Trainees will understand what an INGO is and the different terminologies  prevalent in the sector.

  • Trainees are introduced to the types of INGOs and their principles 

  • Trainees are guided on INGO sector work ethics

Who should attend this training

Persons without prior NGO career path experience, persons freshly employed into the NGO sector and requiring basic understanding of NGO sector.

Module 1: — Definitions and clarifications
  • What is an INGO

  • Types of INGOs in Nigeria

Module 2: — Understanding INGO operations
  • INGO Operations

  • Importance of Operations  in an INGO

  • Operations roles, nomenclature, reporting lines & overlap

Module 3: — Planning for a Career path
  • Job search strategy

  • Job application process

  • Interview session

  • Salary/benefits, negotiation

  • What to avoid during oral interview

 Module 4: — Understanding INGO ethics
  • Starting a career in an NGO operations department

  • INGO core behavior, qualification & experience





Training Location: Abuja

Training mode: On-site (Abuja training center)

Training Duration:

  • Three hours

  • Start time is as determined by participant at

  • Courses run on week days


Training Fee:

  • The course fee is N5.000 per person (including certificate of attendance) 

  • For further inquiries, you can call on +234(0)8150834375

We offer our clients the flexibility to choose the date, and time and our team of experts who are spread around the Nigeria will assist in facilitating the course. 

How to register: click here

Overview of NGO operations unit



3 hours




  • Definitions and clarifications

  • Understanding INGO operations

  • Planning a career path

  • Understanding INGO ethics 


Upcoming Dates:

  • Based on request