INTERSOS - Solidarity in the front-line, is a Non-governmental Organization based in Italy

INTERSOS is an Italian humanitarian aid organization that works all over the world to bring assistance to people in danger, victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts or living in conditions of extreme exclusion. INTERSOS’ actions are based on the values of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equal rights and opportunities for all people and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable segments of the population.

INTERSOS, through its own humanitarian operators, intervenes to effectively meet the needs of civil population in serious crisis situations, with particular attention to the most vulnerable groups. It provides food and basic goods. It ensures fundamental needs such as the right to education, clean water and health.

Emergency Relief

In the event of armed conflicts or natural disasters, INTERSOS intervenes as quickly as possible in order to provide assistance to affected populations, by distributing basic goods for survival.


Food Security

During the first stages of an emergency INTERSOS contributes to meet the primary needs of the affected populations by distributing basic food.



INTERSOS is engaged in armed conflict or natural disaster scenarios for the physical and psychological protection of the most vulnerable segments of the population, with a particular focus on women and children.


INTERSOS promotes the right to education in crisis situations by building or rebuilding schools, training teachers and promoting educational activities.



In order to improve people at risk living conditions, INTERSOS works to guarantee access to clean water and sanitation services, teaching the population how to use them.


In emergency situations INTERSOS supports the local healthcare system to guarantee access to vital primary and secondary medical services.


INTERSOS is in first line in order to bring assistance to migrant populations leaving their country of origin to seek safety and dignity.