ICT for Development /Support INGOs

Training description

This is a capacity building module for entry IT personnel in the INGO sector. It trains on what to consider in setting up a typical office to support in-country and overseas operations for effective project performance.

The main training objectives
At the end of the training, the following objectives are planned to be achieved:
  • ·         Participants will learn basic IT skills to support a country office.

  • ·         Participants will learn the basics of Networking and Remote Troubleshooting skills.

  • ·         Participants will learn basics of support skills for Finance, HR and Operations software applications such as QuickBooks, Tally, Peachtree, Orange             HR, Microsoft SharePoint, Access Control, CCTV, etc.

  • ·         Participants will learn the  basics of mHealth such as ODK, DHIS 2, DATIM, Open-MRS, DataWinner, NOMIS, etc.

  • ·         Participants will learn the basics of Internet, Network Security and Backup for country or field office.

  • ·         Participants will learn the basics of cloud computing.

Who should attend this training

Fresh Graduate, NYSC, newbie IT staff, early career IT professionals, Operations Manager, Field office IS staff and everyone interested in learning.

Module 1: — BASIC ICT Competence
  • Common user devices support, laptop, printers, scanner, mobile devices, Email Etiquette, ICT Policy, Service Desk Support etc.

  • Networking Essentials  , wireless Access Point management, switches, routers, etc

  • Server Room Management – Backup Setup, Server Logs, Emergency Recovery and Business Continuity, etc.

  • Cloud Computing and Internet Connectivity,

Module 2: —  Operational Support, Finance, HR Software application Support
  • QuickBooks, Peachtree, Tally, (MS SQL Server Manager, MySQL server)
  • Skype, Webex, AdobeConnect, Google Hangout, Zoom Online conference setups

Module 3: — mHealth and Innovation
  • How to implement Opendata kit, OpenMRS emr, NOMIS, DHIS 2,  installing OpenJDK, ApacheTomCat,  fengoffice other opensource tools. Mobile data collections tools. Google Apps.

 Module 4: — Internet Connectivity in Country and field offices
  • fibre optic / Radio/ VSAToptions, Router configurations, Network Security, etc.


Training Location: Abuja


Training mode: On-site (Abuja training center)

Training Duration:

  • Five days

  • Four hours per day.

  • Three months post training mentoring


Training Fee:

  • The course fee is N20.000 per person  with at least 15 participants

  • For client hosted trainings with participants more than 20, a discount of 50% applies

  • For further inquiries, you can call on +234(0)8150834375


We offer our clients the flexibility to choose the training date, and time.  The number of participants per session will determine the actual training cost. 


How to register: Apply Now