Maryam Sofo is an 80-year-old widow, now living in a camp for displaced people in Bama.

Two years ago, her family left their hometown of Banki, near the border with Cameroon, after frequent attacks made daily life extremely difficult. 

Several thousand people have fled Rann in northeast Nigeria following a violent attack on the town on 14 January.

On December 26, non-state armed groups attacked a military base in Baga, Northeast Nigeria, forcing as many as 40,000 people to flee to safety in Monguno and more than 25,000 to flee to Maiduguri. Action Against Hunger is on the ground in both towns helping the newly displaced.

I learned that my thoughts are valid. I never knew I could be bold and courageous. I never imagined I would be a strong woman who can lead others. My name is Mwanret Gabriel. I’m a 31 years old. This is my story.

A bright spot in the online battle against extremism, the study also catalogues how the online and offline efforts of dedicated, digitally savvy Nigerian activists, trained through the Nigeria Regional Transition Initiative, are building momentum, raising awareness and offering a viable counter-message to that of the extremists. Read on to learn more about the study’s findings and see how online activists are peacefully pushing back and building resilience.