Since its establishment in 2012, DKT Nigeria’s nimble approach to social marketing has increased accessibility and availability of contraceptives across Nigeria. DKT Nigeria’s contraceptive and family planning services reach the poor, rural and adolescent populations who have limited access to reproductive health services. DKT is the largest private provider of reproductive health products and services in Nigeria.

DKT Nigeria distributes contraceptives nationally and can deliver contraceptives within 24 hours to any part of Nigeria. DKT’s direct sales to providers through its network of medical sales representatives has made contraceptives more easily accessible and affordable. DKT Nigeria also offers a text message reminder service to Sayana Press users to notify them of their upcoming dose.

DKT’s community health extension workers, the DKT Bees, are a key component of the program. DKT believes that community health workers can drastically improve family planning awareness and accessibility in Nigeria. DKT has recruited and trained over 150 private community health workers in order to bring family planning services closer to women in their homes, businesses, markets and communities.

DKT has trained over 4,500 providers, including doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, community health workers and patent and proprietary medicine vendors. DKT trains providers on counseling and administration of contraceptives, including insertion and removal of IUDs and implants.

DKT Nigeria’s clinical service delivery program collaborates with private clinics to provide family planning services to women in slums and low income areas of Lagos and Ogun states. The majority outreach clients are first-time contraceptive users.


In 2017, DKT Nigeria generated over 2.1 million couple years of protection.