DevTech was founded by Jorge Sanguinetty, Ph.D. in 1984, and has consistently been an innovative, solutions-oriented firm.

DevTech initially responded to development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, and later expanded its geographic scope to implement long- and short-term projects in all regions of the world. DevTech's client base includes government agencies, multilateral development institutions, and private-sector entities.

DevTech's technical capabilities complement its ability to operate and manage over a wide spectrum of cultural and political conditions, from the highest echelons of government to the operational level in the field. DevTech uses its strong methodological capabilities in project design, implementation, performance monitoring, and evaluation to support clients to build sustainable and lasting solutions to development challenges.

DevTech's headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area are convenient to government agencies and international development organizations and are well-situated for staging international teams and hosting visiting government officials and others who travel to the United States.

DevTech's office in Miami, Florida houses the firm's senior leadership and administrative staff. In addition to these U.S. offices, DevTech maintains several overseas offices to support specific projects. The overseas staff are fully supported by the U.S. headquarters and administrative offices.

Examples of DevTech Systems' Pioneering Work:

  • Institutional reform for market economies

  • Economics of justice administration and legal systems

  • Applied microeconomics in the health sector

  • Transition economics

  • Public education in support of economic reform

  • Political economy of the education sector

  • Economic analysis of catastrophes


DevTech’s work in Africa spans a range of public- and private-sector efforts to bolster good governance, promote economic stability, and ensure high quality educational opportunities in both emerging and established democracies.



Strengthen the Capacity of the Accountant General of the Federation of Nigeria


DPK Consulting/USAID (2007–2008)

This project sought to build the capacity of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (AGF) and Auditor General's Office (AGO) to use an electronic Transaction Recording and Reporting System (TRRS) developed with assistance from the World Bank and IMF. At the beginning of the project, 51 of the 105 government ministries, departments, and agencies and none of the federal payroll offices were using the TRRS to submit timely accounts. The project aimed to change the business practices of branches of the federal government so they would integrate the TRRS into their operations, strengthening the capacity of the AGF to complete the consolidation of accounting information from all Ministries and agencies in a timely manner, and ensuring that consolidated data was used to perform real-time audits. Trainings enhanced accountants’ capacity to enter information into the TRRS and auditors’ capacity both in the AGF and AGO to perform real-time audits of government agencies, offices, aid Ministries.

As part of this initiative, DevTech developed an organizational change management (OCM) strategy for the TRRS, and worked with other project team members to implement it. The purpose of the OCM strategy was to ensure that all system users were fully aware of the changes taking place as a result of the new system, and understood their respective roles in the organization.

Nigeria Restructured Economic Framework for Openness, Reform, and Macroeconomic Stability (REFORMS)

DAI/USAID (2005–2009)

The Nigeria Restructured Economic Framework for Openness, Reform and Macroeconomic Stability (REFORMS) project supported the Nigerian government at both the federal and state levels in improving the budgeting process and accelerating improvements in public procurements. In addition, REFORMS provided capacity-building support to several government agencies and civil society organizations to establish more transparency and accountable within the government. DevTech provided technical expertise for the project in the following areas:

  • Capital budgeting at the federal level with the Budget Office of the Federation;

  • Capital budgeting at the state level with four state offices equivalent to the Budget Office;

  • Institutional strengthening and organizational change; and

  • Training to federal ministries and agencies.