Creative is an international development organization dedicated to supporting people around the world to realize the positive change they seek.  


To support people around the world to realize the positive change they seek.



Creative envisions stable neighborhoods, communities and regions that can develop effective institutions to provide for their people, enabling them to overcome hardship and live peaceful and fulfilling lives.

Some achievements:


In Nigeria, 36,000 out-of-school children get a chance to learn: by Boco Abdul

SOKOTO — In Northern Nigeria’s Sokoto and Bauchi states, more than 36,000 children who were out-of-school now have the opportunity to pursue basic education through community non-formal learning centers.

‘All hands on deck’ to strengthen education in Northern Nigeria, say experts at CIES:  by Natalie Lovenburg

In crisis-affected environments like this, strengthening education systems and enrollment in secure learning environments is critical. Yet reform cannot succeed and be sustained unless all key stakeholders take clear ownership of their respective roles, said experts on a panel at the Comparative and International Education Society conference on March 7

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