Founded in 1973, the Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN) unifies and supports church-based health services nationwide, promoting best practices, information-sharing, and cooperation among its 358 members.

The Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN) is the umbrella organisation for Nigeria’s 4,400 church-based health centres and hospitals, which are distributed across the country. It provides up to 40 per cent of primary and secondary health services.


CHAN also coordinates government advocacy at the local, state, and national level. A key implementation partner for NGOs and other international organizations, during Round 5 of the Global Fund CHAN received a $24 million grant to spearhead the national Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program (NTBLCP), designed to expand knowledge about TB prevention and treatment, raise TB detection and treatment rates, and reduce TB among people living with HIV/AIDS.

The three-year Nigeria Indigenous Capacity Building Project, sponsored by PEPFAR/USAID, worked in six states to help faith-based healthcare institutions and other community group respond more effectively to HIV/AIDS.


CHAN MEDI-PHARM is a daughter organization that coordinates drug and medical supply distribution.