Adam Smith International is an award-winning global company that delivers impact, value and lasting change through economic growth and government reform. Our reputation as a global leader has been built on the positive results our projects have achieved in many of the world’s most challenging environments well on almost every site.

Our focus is on delivering projects that can bring the greatest impact and that support the strengthening of societies and the prospects of those who live within them around the world. We exist to deliver projects that provide long-term benefits and sustainable results across a range of service areas spanning economic growth and government reform.

Our key differentiators in the marketplace include:

  • Going the extra mile: We employ the best people in our industry organised across specific service lines. We deliver results beyond expectations because of the quality of our exceptional project managers and world-class technical experts.

  • Local partnership and ownership: We put emphasis on understanding local needs and practices, working in partnership with local stakeholders to build the ownership needed to achieve lasting change.

  • Pragmatic solutions:  We derive solutions from an international pool of experienced colleagues, but tailor this relevantly and sensitively to what will deliver results.

  • Lasting results: We don’t just advise on problems to be solved – we implement solutions. We effectively manage risk and engage seriously with political economy issues to ensure sustainable impact.

  • Professional standards: We promote quality and never take shortcuts. We are known for delivering to the highest standards.

  • Managing programmes and projects closely: We manage projects more closely and with a high level of technical know-how and cultural pragmatism.

​Service type:

Private Sector Development, Business Environment Reform, Public-Private Dialogue & Business Advocacy, Cross-Cutting Services, Gender & Social Inclusion

Some of our impacts

Delivering sustainable improvements in advocacy and dialogue and business environment reform in Nigeria

The Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility’s rural infrastructure projects, funded by DFID and implemented by Adam Smith International since 2009, concentrate on providing support to Nigerian state initiatives.

We are working with the federal government, state governments and local governments across Nigeria to promote private sector development by harmonising taxes across the country, making it easier for taxpayers to comply and more efficient for all levels of government to administer the tax system.

From Beneficiaries..

“ In 30 years of my time in the ministry, I have not seen anything like this [policy consultation event] before. This consultation would make the policy stronger. As the private sector drives the country's economy it is essential to include them in conversation about this policy. I appreciate ENABLE very much in helping us organize such an event. ”


Director, Federal Ministry of Health

“We have had a letter from communities appreciating what we are doing.Passers-by feel happy with the work. Communities helped opening side drains. Cars can now pass where before only bikes could.”

Delegate from Anambra State, SURE-P Conference