INGOsphere9ja, independent institutional capacity building center, is an initiative of the founder of Centre for AID Information and Knowledge (C4AIK).  It is an organization with an independent platform dedicated strictly to publicizing information relating to NGO activities in Nigeria with the aim of showcasing their impacts, job related information and the training needs of aspiring and existing development and humanitarian NGO staff as well as service providers.  

INGOsphere9ja initiative is birthed by the realization that much is being accomplished by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to save lives and improve on the living conditions of Nigerians but, so little is relatively heard of the enormous dedication, commitment and achievements recorded in Nigeria, especially in hazardous locations.

Vision Statement: INGOsphere9ja aims to enlighten and familiarize stakeholders with development and humanitarian NGO related activities in Nigeria; accomplishments, available jobs and training. 


Mission Statement: INGOsphere9ja is dedicated to fill that gaping void down playing the great impacts of and opportunities within the NGO community in Nigeria. 

Strategy: Information about NGOs published on our platform will be sourced directly from the NGOs' websites and/ or their representatives who  provide information based on approval from their NGOs' authorized persons. We also source information indirectly through acknowledged publications from the web as well as other media  privy to such information.

We showcase for free all information about NGOs in Nigeria made available to us.

Our training center provides hands-on training through experienced INGO existing and ex-staff as well as consultants at highly subsidized rates to encourage Nigerians to enroll for training especially unemployed persons, fresh graduates and National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members.