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About Us

INGOsphere9ja, the premier institutional capacity building center in Nigeria that focuses on a holistic knowledge acquisition process from basic CV crafting and mock interview stage for current and prospective development employees.  It is an initiative of the founder of Center for AID Information and Knowledge (C4AIK), Grace Uadia.  It is an independent platform dedicated primarily to promoting operational excellence within the development sector in Nigeria by meeting training needs of aspiring and existing development employees, showcasing development project impacts, jobs

and relevant service providers 

​INGOsphere9ja provides hands-on training at highly subsidized rates to encourage Nigerians to enroll for capacity and capability building/strengthening sessions especially unemployed persons, fresh graduates and National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members.

Vision Statement: We aim to enlighten and familiarize stakeholders with development  related activities, job competency requirements and advertised jobs in Nigeria


Mission Statement: We are dedicated to filling the gaping void between vocational education and knowledge acquisition that down plays great impacts of and opportunities within the development community in Nigeria

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Our Training Focus

INGOsphere9ja is the premier independent knowledge acquisition center that focuses on preparing applicants for jobs within the international NGO sector in Nigeria and mentors them for on the job excellence.


INGOsphere9ja is also a platform for information dissemination about development jobs, training, coaching and mentoring as well as service providers.


At INGOsphere9ja we build long term relationships with trainees through our training sessions. 


We work to prepare new hires for career path in the sector, as well as deepen the skill set of mid-level and senior-level career practitioners for optimal performance as they seek to advance their careers paths

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Our employability strategy promotes youths' access to productive employment and decent work
Our target audience include young Nigerians ranging from fresh graduates and working class youths. 

We provide them with requisite support that enables them excel in their search for jobs and improve in their existing job positions. 

In order to substantially reduce the proportion of youths not in gainful employment, we engage youths from churches and mosques

Our outreach programs address youths ability to discover their potentials and career path, develop a job search strategy, obtain the right perception of what they have to offer an employer job wise, and how to confidently meet employers' work expectations as well as adapt easily to ever changing work dynamics.

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